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Recent Blog Posts

Are you too close to see it?

Being too close to a problem sometimes means that we are blind to any solution. This was me recently. I had a decision to make about our office space but I was too cozy with the status quo. I longed for someone else to decide for me. Two years ago our lease was up. The building we were in was on plan to become a parking lot so we were forced to move. After the analysis and tours, we chose to suite share. Our physical needs were small, the connections we could build were appealing and the space itself was exactly [more]

A Business Owners Sleeping Pill

Nearly every small business owner that I have worked with has made the comment “Now I can sleep tonight” after they were confident their business finances were in order.  It isn’t just worrying about how upcoming bills will be paid or what happens when payroll comes around next week.  Their main concern is the not knowing.  Incomplete or incorrect bookkeeping records can cause a lot of panic, sometimes unnecessarily. Five tips to sleep well and know your finances are in order: Monitor your cash flow. This seems obvious but when I say monitor, what I really mean is write it down.  This [more]

Want Amazing? Try Conflict.

I spend my days helping people work through conflict. I’m not sure how I got here. As the last sibling in the bunch, I learned to be a professional conflict avoider. Luckily, many of my friends are lovers of conflict and have taught me how to handle conflict. The following synopsis on conflict is a pep talk for me. I hope you find it helpful too. If you are a conflict avoider, read on. Take notes.  If you are a conflict embracer, read on. Critique and send helpful comments along. Conflict Is: It will not go away. Our job is simply to maneuver [more]

More Caffeine is Not the Answer!

I’ve always been fascinated by the brain. In college I spent many hours in the “bio” lab deeply studying and drawing a preserved brain floating in a glass jar. I still have that drawing. Each time I look at it, it’s as if I’ve never seen it before, and the same question comes to mind, “How on earth does that odd mass of cells process all that comes in contact with it?" Turns out I’m not the only one who asks that question. During the past 30 to 40 years, scientists have evolved the field of neurobiology. Attention is now considered an organ [more]

Personal Money = Business Money

Consider for a minute how your personal money is connected to your business money. You may be an owner and your credit score is now hurting a business opportunity; you may be a valued employee and your lack of savings is not allowing you to step into the role of an owner; or you may be a married owner who’s spouse is wondering when the pay-off is going to happen. At Consilio, we concluded long ago that while the majority of our work is with people on their businesses, it would help our clients even more if we designed a personal [more]

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