Love Your People

Love Your Work

Work Shouldn’t Be Work

It can be if your culture is out of sync.

If your office is overwhelming instead of empowering, an obligation instead of engaging, or stressful instead of supportive, we can help.

Our job is to give the people who power organizations the tools they need to elevate their workplaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

It is possible to love your work.

What We Do

We’re People Strategists.

We cultivate amazing cultures.

We work with strengths, build trust and communication, and create pragmatic systems that power good work.

Our methods are scalable, from individual entrepreneurs to global businesses.

Our Philosophy

We know, without a doubt, that appreciation in the workplace matters.

Companies that appreciate their people experience:

  • 170% increase in engagement
  • 294% increase in innovation
  • 221% increase in results

Unfortunately, most companies suffer from an appreciation drought. Forty-one percent of employees say recognition is the most important action their leader can take. Yet only 35 percent of North American employees have received any recognition in the past year.

That stat must change. We’re here to change it.

We call our approach the Appreciation Revolution. It’s a transformative concept when put into practice. Trust will grow. Engagement will take root. Innovations will break through. Performance will increase. Teams will thrive.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies to create better cultures through the Appreciation Revolution.

Let us show you how loving your people is the answer to your top problems.

How We Do It

Invest in Your People and
the Rest Will Come

We believe that. In fact, our business is built around the idea that grace is the key that unlocks every door. We collaborate with leaders so they see their employees for the talented people they are and recognize what they need to thrive. Here’s how we tap into the power of your people.

Step 1: Choose to Grow

You’ve been taught success requires you to do more. We’ll show you how space can help your team be more. We believe that your organization wants to do better, and can, but it needs a big-picture strategy instead of patchwork solutions. That strategy starts with clarity.

Step 2: Get Clear

We partner with clients to get clear on why they want to change long before we get to the how. Along the way, we unearth your organizational fault lines, expose disengagement, and build a cultural strategy. It’s not comfortable, but it is transformative. We’ll be there to champion a new way of working.

Step 3: Do the Work

Once we understand the emotions and motivations behind your company’s dynamic, we create your framework for moving forward. Your new strategy will delve into strengths, develop courage and confidence, and create an expectation of kindness and appreciation. You’ll connect what you say with what you do, and you’ll be rewarded with engagement that spreads from person to person.

Step 4: You Take It From Here

Our job is to work ourselves out of a job. By the end of this process, you’ll have what it takes to weave your culture into the fabric of your business. We’ll offer you the tools and resources you need for periodic tune-ups. But you’ll have turned appreciation into your new superpower, and your team will feel the difference.


  • Leadership Coaching
  • Performance Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teambuilding
  • StrengthsFinder Implementation Plan

Meet Consilio

Lori Martin

Lori Martin

Culture Strategist & Team Dynamic Coach

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Maricela Almeida

Maricela Almeida

Operations Manager & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

(208) 520-7012

Rochelle Lierz DeLong

Rochelle Lierz DeLong

Culture Strategist & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

(208) 409-1614

Susan Kuehl

Susan Kuehl

Culture Strategist & Performance Coach

(208) 407-0084

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