Our Approach

Four threads support the fabric of our work.

These threads — leader, business, team and coach — when woven together create the dynamic mesh that is your business culture. Our work with you is a custom fit for you, your role and your goals.


Each leader has a unique blend of intellectual, practical, social and emotional strengths. We believe when these strengths are known and encouraged a business thrives. So, that’s where we start, with your strengths and your team’s.

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For our Business Coaching clients, we aim our efforts at the business entity itself to bolster the framework, the culture and a sustainable plan. We use a focus point approach with Business Coaching and give you control to direct priorities. Focus points give us flexibility and productivity so your resources are well spent. A focus point is a task we tackle from strategy to implementation. We check our work against the long-term plan to make sure our short-term energies are well spent and directed at your business goals.

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A highly productive team is proven to boost the bottom line of a business. We work with teams, after the leader has engaged with us. Once challenges are defined and priorities are clear, we head into the group for one-on-one coaching, group training and facilitated conversations.

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An internal coach is a key role to move a team toward a stronger culture. They encourage self-development, facilitate productive conversations, teach strengths partnering and fan the flame of strengths-based culture building. This is why we built our Coach Strong program and Culture Strong community; to support internal coaches on their change-making journey. (As a Coach Strong alum, you will join Culture Strong, a community of other coaches who are working to transform their cultures as well.)

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