We have the tools you need to engage your team.

  • Do you want more for — and from — your team?
  • Are you looking for creative ways to build team cohesion?
  • Have you run out of time to think through your upcoming teambuilding event?

Twenty-first century business has raised the bar on high performing team cultures. A great culture is no longer a nice-to-have luxury, but a must-have essential for retaining the talent you need to keep your business thriving.

Team building is as old as the hills, but it often doesn’t bring about the changes needed to justify the time and money spent. Consilio’s formula breathes new life into team building. We start by helping you build a strengths-based culture, then weave in team building activities to trigger hidden team talents and enlighted ways of thinking about work.

Team Building Helps You:

  • Build better leaders.
  • Nurture the relationships between leaders and their teams.
  • Teach valuable skills.

Our Approach

We start by mapping your People Strong future with our interactive mapping tool. Then:

  1. We build a foundation of strengths knowledge for all team members with our Strengths Basics workshop, Strengths Blasts, and Strengths Team Forums (below).
  2. We add one-on-one Strengths Coaching for executives and individuals.
  3. We work with you to bring coaching to the ranks of your leadership with our Coach Strong program.
  4. Finally, we map out your annual training plan and leverage Actionable Workshops to keep your team growing in all the right ways.

Team Strengths Forums

Our Team Strengths Forums transform your team at a deep level, setting them up for powerful partnerships and amazing group achievements.

We Explore:

  • The strengths we envy and appreciate in others
  • What each of us needs to bring out our best selves
  • Investigating and sharing our partner potential
  • How to capitalize on our specific team composition
  • Applying strengths to team challenges

What You Get:

  • Self-awareness: As we focus on the group, more magic happens at the individual level.
  • Team cohesion and insights: Gain great insights as the team blends together.
  • Strengths-based outcomes: Increase both the number and quality of your successes.

Team Retreats

We’ll partner with you to plan high-impact, interactive retreats. We’ll sit down with you after we understand your team’s needs and walk you through the retreat planning process, then design a learning-based retreat that will move your team toward a focus area. Focus areas can include many things, but common areas are vision and purpose, strategic planning, communication, productivity, time management, collaboration, conflict resolution, and appreciation.

Ready to learn how to create a business where people love their work?  Contact us!