Build on strengths. Be more engaged.

  • Are you or your teammates going home drained?
  • Has your employee turnover spiked?
  • Do you want a consistent method to make collaboration easy?

Engagement is quite the thing these days. You probably know a work culture with highly engaged employees has lower turnover, fewer safety incidents, higher productivity, better customer satisfaction and increased profitability. But here’s the other thing — there aren’t many leaders who know how to reach peak engagement with their employees and sustain it. That’s where a strengths-based work culture comes in and how Consilio can partner with you to make it happen.

Team building is as old as the hills, but it often doesn’t bring about the changes needed to justify the time and money spent on it. Consilio’s formula breathes new life into team building. We start by helping you build a strengths-based culture, then weave in team building activities that will help you and your team cultivate new ways of thinking about work.

Clifton StrengthsFinder® helps you:

  • Apply talents to support individual and team goals.
  • Use strengths partnerships to multiply the power of the group.
  • Improve communication, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Read the Clifton Strengths descriptions

Our Approach

  • Our Gallup® Certified Strengths Coaches build a foundation of strengths knowledge for all team members. Our tools include a variety of Strengths workshops, activities to keep Strengths alive, and monthly Strengths Forums.
  • Then, we add one-on-one strengths coaching for executives and individuals.
  • We help you embed an employee-coach in your leadership ranks with our Coach Strong program.
  • Finally, we map out your annual training plan and include Actionable Conversations to keep your team growing in all the right ways.

Strengths Workshops

Our Strengths Basics Workshop is where we begin. This powerful tool triggers personal awareness in a non-threatening way by creating curiosity about behavior and its impact on others.

We Explore:

  • The look and feel of a strengths-based work culture.
  • The nature of strengths and how they reveal innate talents.
  • Each person’s signature strengths and how to increase awareness and appreciation of them.
  • Your team’s strengths composition and insights into how to work well together.

After the workshop, your team will clearly understand how we all possess a special set of strengths and how these differences can lead to unique contributions and healthy collaborations. Team members will view each other through fresh eyes, replacing judgment with understanding, and develop a common, positive language to use while working toward objectives. We can bring this workshop to your organization, or you can send team members to one of our regular monthly workshops.

Strengths Blasts

Once your team has a solid strengths foundation, you’ll be in a position to add high-impact, fun, and interactive Strengths Blasts to your staff meetings, online center, or team communications. These learning blasts give your team a lightning-fast understanding about a particular area of focus. We’ll choose the topics with you based on what’s most relevant to your team: communication, productivity, time management, collaboration, conflict resolution, and appreciation.

For more information, contact us to talk about how to bring Clifton StrengthsFinder® to your organization.