Empower your managers to be true leaders.

  • How engaged is your team?
  • Do you need a simple way to inspire them to learn new skills?
  • Do you want to get more out of your professional development budget?

What if you could inspire your team to not just read top business books, but to live them? Actionable Conversations bring inspirational and innovative concepts to life by empowering managers to take on teaching roles. It’s used by companies large and small to improve employee retention, boost productivity, and recalibrate team dynamics.

Each Actionable Conversation focuses on the concepts in a top business book and includes a book summary for workshop participants, an online train-the-trainer video, and step-by-step notes for the facilitator. You’ll also gain access to the highly regarded Accountability Loop, a simple yet powerful software tool that helps team members and leaders drive real change.

These Conversations Help You:

  • Build relevant skills based on knowledge from leading business experts.
  • Use learning as a creative catalyst for individual and team growth.
  • Create a team culture that embraces innovation and change.


For More Information:

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