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How do YOU learn on the job?

How do YOU learn on the job? Pay attention this week to how you learn best. Then next week multiply that style to get big rewards!   FUNDERS AND FOUNDERS NOTES We explain entrepreneurship and startups visually through infographics.

What Ignites Your Creative Energy? by Dave Gray

So many ideas, so little time and so little energy left over! Dig deep for more steam with one of these creative energy hacks.

Emotional Agility – by Susan David & Christina Congleton

The prevailing wisdom says that negative thoughts and feelings have no place at the office. But that goes against basic biology. All healthy human beings have an inner stream of thoughts and feelings that include criticism, doubt, and fear. David and Congleton have worked with leaders in various industries to build a critical skill they […]

Everybody Matters

Summary written by: Jane Bushby “When we say our people matter but we don’t actually care for them, it can shatter trust and create a culture of paranoia, cynicism, and self-interest.” – Everybody Matters, page ix The concept in Everybody Matters is that treating our colleagues and staff like family will create an organisational climate […]

The Right Kind of Crazy

Summary written by: Ingrid Urgolites “We humans are an innately curious species. Born through hips too narrow to pass a skull large enough to hold a fully formed human brain, we are born half-baked. Compared with those other animals, very few of our behaviors are hardwired. We don’t inherit genetic instructions for nest building, for […]